A Look Back at the 2019 International Conference on Student Voice: Deepening Relationships Between Youth Research & Practice

The ninth annual International Seminar on Student Voice was held in May 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. With the theme of Deepening Relationship between Youth Research and Practice, experts from education, research and policy realms from around the world convened to consider the pressing questions of the inclusion of student voice and the development of the youth-adult research partnerships.

This annual conference is the chief convening mechanism internationally for gathering together an intersection of researchers and practitioners focusing on building the roles of young people in decision making processes in schools. Called by many names—including “student voice”, “youth-adult partnerships”, “youth participatory action research”, and “youth activism”—the focus of this conference is on the process of involving young people in educational change. Often these processes are related to youth-centered content, including student-centered learning.

Each year, we invite 100 experts on conducting and implementing research with a student voice focus including:

  • STUDENTS taking a leadership role on state, national, or international levels to further the role of youth in learning and school decision-making.
  • Field-based PRACTITIONERS with a mission to elevate youth voice and partnership in learning and school redesign efforts.
  • Youth voice/youth-adult partnership RESEARCHERS.
  • EDUCATIONAL LEADERS committed to integrating student voice into the teacher education process.
  • POLICY ADVOCATES & FUNDERS with a mission to elevate youth-adult partnership in school redesign efforts on a large scale.

This Special Issue in the International Journal of Student Voice highlights three of the panels a spoken word poem from the 2019 seminar.

Opening Panel (4 Videos)

Featured Speakers (seated left to right): Dana Mitra, Shelley Zion, Helen Beattie, Steve Gross (moderator), Michelle Maseroni, and Shania Trammell

Opening Panel Transcripts:

Youth-led Participatory Action Research Panel (3 Videos)

Features Speakers (seated right to left): Marc Fernandes (co-moderator), Makai Ward (co-moderator), Julian Giordano, Katiana Montero Valdez,  Simin Deveauxbray, and Karen Avila.

Opening Panel Transcripts:

Youth Voice in State Education Policy Panel (5 Videos)

Featured Speakers (seated left to right): Rachel Berlin, Emmanuelle Sippy, Grace Didway, Jaden Deal, and Daniel Brogan

Youth Voice Panel Transcripts:

Spoken Word Poem by Rabi Jalloh 

Spoken Word Poem Transcript