Peer Review

IJSV is unique in that it’s peer-review board aims to always include feedback from researchers, practitioners and students. Criteria for evaluation in peer review shall include:

-Does this submission translate and offer meaning across settings? (For example, a description of a school initiative would need to include takeaways an connections that could in other schools and related settings, or contributes conceptually/theoretically.

-Does the contribution provide an original contribution? Does the piece teach something new?

-What are the strengths of the piece?

Anonymity of Authors–Double Blind Process

The editors review all submissions, and those deemed appropriate for AJE are sent anonymously to reviewers. The editors rely heavily on reviewers’ judgments, although the editors are not bound by them. Strong efforts are made to ensure prompt decisions about acceptance. To protect anonymity, only the title should appear on the manuscript. A separate cover page should carry the title, author’s name, and author’s affiliation. All identifying references and notes should be separated from other references and notes. Citations in text to these references should be to “Identifying Reference” and the publication date.